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one more time
today, i will roll again
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Apr 15 11(no subject)
come lie with the erlking
So I haven't posted in months.

I'm really only ever around on AIM (the usual username) and Plurk now, I guess. Feel free to message or add me on either, naturally!

I'd go back to regular updates here, but... would anyone read them?
Jan 06 11(no subject)
come lie with the erlking

【the CALL ME OUT meme】
a roleplay meme to inspire muses.

following the abysmal trail of BismolCollapse )
Sep 13 10 - TIE DAY ALL DAY
come lie with the erlking

"Yes, Dojima-san?"

"You're wearing three ties."

The fluffy detective laughed, rubbing the back of his neck embarrassedly. "So I am, haha..." he said with a nervous chuckle. "Well, it's... it's Tie Day, Dojima-san. Didn't you know?"
come lie with the erlking
Sample First-Person Post: [Well, well. This "nametag on door" business, on top of the kind of arrival announcement commonly found in chatrooms, wasn't going to make any potential plans Izaya had to work under any of his pseudonyms any easier. Someone was bound to notice him anyway, so for now... he would simply post under his real name.]


app done.
come lie with the erlking
dear renezaya:

you are a poop face who snores.

--love, jeanzuo.
May 19 10(no subject)
come lie with the erlking

itsumobelated => bossfight

I goddamn hated that name for so long

andddd naturally i made a mistake in renaming and removed myself from everyone's flists.

Apr 23 10(no subject)
come lie with the erlking
Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/literary works and put their summaries from Better than it Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

I tried to avoid stuff other people on my flist already did (so some of these might be a bit weird don't look at me). Mostly vidya games, some anime.

1. Animal Crossing: soulrockcandy & guardian795 You become the indentured servant of a raccoon. Your neighbors randomly hand out pianos, computers, and beds as rewards for completing minor chores.
2. Assassin's Creed: guardian795 A bartender pretends to be the world's greatest assassin on a quest to steal the power of Jesus, who was an alien.
3. EarthBound: soulrockcandy Four kids face such horrific monsters as moving traffic signs, violent hippies, animate cups of coffee, and living fire hydrants in order to stop a time-traveling facelike entity.
4. Baccano!: soulrockcandy & usernameism A number of people aboard a train find they have conflicting interests. An old man looks for friends he shared a drink with a long time ago.
5. Indigo Prophecy: masakados A man murders a complete stranger in a diner bathroom, and tries to figure out why, while dodging the cops (who are playable characters), The Omniscient Council Of Vagueness, and giant phantom mites.
6. Okage: masakados A family sells their son's soul to a demon in order to free their daughter from a curse causing her to speak Pig Latin.
7. Samurai 7: deliriouscoffee A retelling of a classic Japanese tale, only this time with the heroes facing down an evil emperor and Humongous Mecha.
8. Rule of Rose: masakados & guardian795 Little lesbian girls proceed to torture, humiliate and beat each other. The happy ending is where everybody dies.
9. Paper Mario: kurachu Everyman tries saving a land of sentient fungi. Also known for pushing the envelope on powerhouse consoles... to display 2D graphics.
10. Princess Tutu: masakados A duck, a girl who can't dance, and a magical girl ballerina princess are the same person. She/they heal people with the power of dance.
11. Silent Hill 3: masakados & guardian795 A creepy blond woman wants to talk to you about birth. You end up killing God.
12. Chrono Cross: alba_aulbath A teenage boy is made to fight his father and the local gods in between two timelines in order to free a girl from an alien parasite monster. Beating the final boss triggers the bad ending.
13. Galerians: alba_aulbath A drug-addicted amnesiac makes peoples heads explode.
14. Eversion: soulrockcandy A cute, primitive Mario clone that requires you to change the look of the environment to progress. To hell and beyond.
15. Half Life 2: masakados Nerd with thick glasses tries to solve everyone's problems with a crowbar.
16. Resident Evil 3: masakados A gal in a miniskirt spends the entire game running away from a tentacle monster.
17. Parasite Eve: samekh & masakados Genetic warfare breaks out at the opera. Your organelles hate you.
18. Luigi's Mansion: soulrockcandy A cowardly man with a flashlight and a vacuum cleaner given to him by a scientist saves his brother from kidnappers and becomes independently wealthy, solely by vacuuming his house with the vacuum cleaner he got from the scientist.
19. I Wanna Be The Guy: masakados The world's most killable child seeks to defeat a number of classic video game villains. He fails. A lot.
20. BioShock: masakados & soulrockcandy & guardian795 Ayn Rand fights The Mafia, twenty thousand leagues under the sea. Then you show up and resolve the situation. With a magical hand that shoots bees.

Apr 12 10(no subject)
come lie with the erlking
most of you've probably read this already but just in case here's a horrifying story of the mistreatment of a customer by unitedairlines

and most of you might already know this but my mother is permanently wheelchair-bound.



i really don't know what to say

why does the world suck so much lately
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